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I am the communications director for Hona AlQuds Online Arabic program!
I’m reaching out   because HonaAlquds  is now offering online Arabic courses from
   Palestine. We are a program of EduReach the first online woman-led EdTech   company in Palestine and we are creating self-sustained opportunities.
We know that Hona   AlQuds would be a great fit for your   audience and collaborate with   you!
Hona AlQuds is still new and we need your  help in the smallest way:
·  Wehave gone 100% online
·  We   need your support
·  We   need to build a network
We are requesting access to your  backlinks.
We can help each other and generate the needed online traffic we   both need We can offer collaboration   for your help and it’d be great if we could get the ball rolling with ideas.
Thawra Abukhdeir
Hona AlQuds Communications director .