Arabic for Me Suq level (20 hours)


This is an individualized Arabic course that the student and Hona AlQuds team help put together. 

'Suq" means market in Arabic- in Palestine it is the main artery for commerce and public life in all the major cities

This level of Arabic empowers the student to start engaging with others and go to public settings like the Suq with useful phrases like " Is anyone sitting here?" 

Upon registration; your instructor will start to curate material based on the initial interview. No two Arabic for ME courses are the same, We know that each student has different communication needs

Different types of  material and delivery methods This level aims to develop students' reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and covers a variety of personal, social, cultural, and political topics. 
Students will have the added benefit of having a native teacher who will integrate cultural elements relating to the Arab world and Palestine, including food, dress, festivals, traditions and etiquette
The course tutor will set assignments  during the course  term to provide feedback and assessments on the material covered
20 hour courses   will have the student  capable of recognizing and communicating the material learned in the module. 20 hour blocks can be renewed and personalized course expanded

Arabic for Me Suq Level (20 hours)