Arabic Amiya- Yanni Level 1
The Arabic Amiya Yanni course is the first level of the spoken level series. The Amiya series teaches the Palestinian dialect

Each level is a 30 hour renewable course block -next level advancement will be determined when students complete an exit exam

Amiya is the spoken language that people use for day to day for communication. Amiya is not the formal written language.  Level 1 course will be designed for your needs and if needed MSA components can be added. 


Yanni level is to start the student on their journey to learning Arabic and to start exchanging basic information with their neighbors and surroundings. The student will leave this level being able to go to the store and ask basic questions.  The course instructor along with the student will determine if the student will proceed to YALA level where they will learn more practical forms of communication along with MSA writing and reading

Arabic 3miya/Yanni Level 1 20 hours