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At Hona Al-Quds, we teach a variety of classes spanning the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels of Arabic.


Arabic for ME

You have a personal customized path to learn one-on-one Arabic, specifically designed to suit your goals, skill level, and pace.


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Students in Cafeteria

Arabic 3miya

Our experienced and dedicated teachers can help you learn dialects through fun and interactive methods. 
We offer courses in 
Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Palestinian Colloquial Arabic (PCA)

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Arabic for US

Your first step towards learning Arabic with friends! Get assigned to a group and interact with students that have similar qualifications and skill levels.


What level of Arabic are you?

Arabic Yalla

Welcome to fluency! You have made it through the basics and now you are on the way to learning how to communicate at higher, more advanced levels. Emphasis is placed on the use of authentic reading and listening materials, and on communicative writing and speaking tasks. 

What level of Arabic are you?

Arabic for Kids

Your kids will learn Arabic with an instructor who cares about them. They will have a personal constructive relationship to build a dynamic course that caters to your kid's levels and needs.

What level of Arabic are you?


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