Why is Hona AlQuds qualified teach Arabic online?

Hona AlQuds has been teaching Arabic in Jerusalem since 2019. We started with a group of journalists

who needed to understand not only Arabic but their surroundings in Palestine. Our team put together a curriculum that could address their unique needs , this was how Hona AlQuds was born.

We created an Arabic curriculum that helped them adjust to their environment and communicate. Our teachers offered caring and intuitive sessions so that our students adjusted and created a realtionship with one of their first friends in Palestine and the Srab world-Hona ALQuds teachers!

Lubna Alhajjar heads Hona AlQuds. She was trained by the University of Glasgow, UK in the Gaza Strip. She trains each of our teachers to digitally capable and to be sensitive to their students needs. to teach Arabic online for non-native speakers around the world

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