What is the Hona AlQuds method?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Hona AlQuds keeps Arabic learning simple

First- Students are in good hands because our instructors are duly trained . They are Arabic majors and they are trained in using digital tools and online methods. Having majored in Arabic gives them huge advantages- they know what is effective for teaching Arabic and they know Usool ,the real nitty gritty, of the language. Being trained in using different platforms and digital tools , helps to keep you connected and you do not lose an online lesson

All courses at HAQ are designed exclusively for each student and group.Teachers do not use predetermined programs. Predetermined courses treat students as if they are all the same. Our technique is to provide our teachers with vast resources so that they can curate material just for you.

NO one course at Hona AlQuds is the same because each student and each group is different. Arabic is a rich language and needs patient teachers with a nuanced techniques

When you meet with your teacher, is when you start a relationship. You help them put together what you need for you Arabic learning. Course building doesn't stop there it is a dynamic process throughout the course block. Our teachers like student feedback and use it to build each step. For instance; maybe there are terms you did not understand or you do not like certain material or delivery- tell your teacher. Maybe you are moving to the region and need to understand some things that are not in books- that is why your teacher is there. Ask away.

Our teachers use CEFR * guidelines for determining benchmarks and level completion.

Hona AlQuds teachers know that not all students move at the same pace and that they need guidance along with teaching. They will use their professional experience to set the pace and to insure that you leave with transferrable soft and hard skills in Arabic and Arabic culture.


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