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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Salam my friend!

#Learn Arabic

We are Hona AlQuds. Hona AlQuds(HAQ) is the first online Arabic rpogram from Palestine. With us, you can learn Arabic online any time, any where. We offer you highly trained teachers both in online methodologies and in teaching Arabic to non native speakers.

How do you teach Arabic?

Our approach is to build student centered courses. We do not use translation methods for teaching, we look for immediate results and avoid using your language instruction. No two courses at HAQ is the same- each individual and each group is different.

We build the course according to your progress not with pre determined material.

What will my instructor be like?

Your tutor is constantly in touch with you and is a resource. Your first interview will have questions like:

What is your profession?

Are you an ex-pat?

Do you want to talk to your neighbors while you are here?

When you start with HAQ, you will build a relationship with a tutor who cares and can also offer nuance you can ask about culture and traditions in the Arab and Islamic worlds.

How do I join?

The system is easy-HAQ offers course blocks of hours . You register for course blocks of 20,30 or 40 hours. This will give you access to live sessions with your tutor and your specialized material.

Please visit this link to see the courses

You can also contact us! We love to meet our students!

This is our WhatsApp number:

+972 54 3233432

This is our email!

Please visit our website and Facebook pages!

Thank you for supporting Palestine's teachers and first educational startup!

( Our sites are in English for now, but we will have other languages as we grow! )

Meanwhile visit Palestine shortly in these pictures!

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