How To Study Arabic

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

The wrong thing to do when studying Arabic formally is to purchase a few books and start learning on your own. Many books claim that you can use them for self-learning, but let’s get real-

What you need is a medium or long term course with plenty of hours of instruction with a teacher who can offer bonuses like pronunciation and so that when you practice on your own time you know whats going on

At Hona AlQuds we help you design the course you need in the way that’s most convenient for you, but don’t try to do it all on your own. Finally, if you are studying Arabic in order to understand the Qur’an or works of classical scholarship, you will need to master Classical Arabic. There are several courses around the world that offer mastery in Classical Arabic, but it is not worth quitting your job and joining these schools full time. What is best is a medium or long term online course with teacher interaction. You will be relying heavily on books and will need to prepare for each lesson by reading ahead before classes.

How you study the language depends largely on why you’re studying it.

If you’re studying the language to be able to communicate informally with friends, for example, then the best place to start for this purpose is to enrol in a short term class (about 6 months to 1 year) where you will be taught a colloquial dialect of Arabic. There are many dialects, Palestinian dialect is the most widely understoood and used for professional purposes

Online courses offer the benefits of always being available but the course must have a live teacher with a native dialect. Native dialects are only passed down orally and through communities.

A teacher will be able to corrrect and add in a way that no computer program can do becuase of the highly subjective nature of

They can also offer plenty of conversational practice and place high emphasis on out-of-class work.

If you are studying the language for formal purposes, on the other hand, you will need a more formal regiment. You will be relying more on books and placing more attention on grammar rather than your ability to speak fluently. The ability to speak casually and fluently will come later. And the studies will last longer than a year or two; perhaps as much as 4 years. This will be a university level and will maybe span 3-4 years.

How do I know that I have acheived different levels of Arabic?

Hona ALQuds uses CEFR Standards not spans of time to determine level advancement. CEFR levels take different amounts of time for each student. Our instructors use different methods to test their students to see if they have advanced or how far.

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