Why Learn Arabic with Hona AlQuds?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Hona AlQuds Arabic material is compiled and curated by our experienced teachers based on student feedback. only work with books and material that help our students in improving their skills.

Our students hail from all professional backgrounds. Each one and each group are unique with what they need to accomplish. But it all boils down to: soft and hard skills in Arabic

Students not only need to read and write but to COMMUNICATE

Talk to their neighbors and colleagues, learn how and when to haggle at the local markets

They like to have a teacher that they can talk to to ask questions about the different things they encounter while living in MENA and Palestine.

Some people will say...

There is alot of material online and material for free


Do you know how to put in order?

Do you know how and which books have what you need?

Hona ALQuds teachers know how to see what you need, put together a course for you and measure your progress

Most importantly they are there with you , not on video or on a choppy line. We have a dedicated team that will follow you theorugh your Arabic journey to make sure you have all you need

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