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Introducing Hona Al-Quds (English: here in Jerusalem), the new online Arabic learning program. With us, you can learn Arabic Online live from Jerusalem. We want to be the trusted one-stop education service provider to families in the MENA region and beyond by facilitating cross-cultural, educational, academic exchange and to inspire our students to improve their lives by expanding their global view through a lifelong commitment to studying and learning while providing the space for our teachers to attain opportunities and growth

Our Arabic Programs are for the student who wants a personalized, interactive approach. We have created a student-centred approach that allows us to offer a wide range of Arabic material- Modern Standard, Dialectal, Academic and Professional levels. Our team puts together all our resources to create a dynamic Arabic learning experience. Hona Al-Quds also provides Arabic lessons for professionals and organizations that need the right Arabic and vocabulary. Learn how to research, write and read  Arabic used in professional and organizational settings.

Hona Al-Quds offers one-on-one private lessons for all levels where you and your instructor will create a personalized course based on your own pace and convenience.  

Hona Al-Quds offers courses live from Jerusalem, using its unique dialect which is part of the many dialects of the Levante region.


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Lubna Hajjar
 Arabic Program Director & SME 

Lubna is a specialist in Arabic as a Second Language and has lead the pedagogical material preparation team for Hona Al-Quds.

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Kefah Abukhdeir

 Program Coordinator & Co-Founder

Kefah, with her long and international teaching experience,  has invested all of her energy to bring Hona Al-Quds to life. She strives to make online education suitable for everyone. 


Joseángel Domínguez

 Executive Director
Joseángel holds a PhD and is passionate about languages. Hona Al-Quds benefits from his strong methodological abilities that keeps everything running smoothly.

Both teachers I have had via Hona AlQuds are excellent teachers. After working in Palestinian schools and community centers for a few years, I had picked up enough Arabic to get by without having studied formally - but since everything changed due to Covid in March, I made the decision to study both Fus-sha and Amiya with one on one classes online with Hona AlQuds. The classes are honestly the highlights of my week - the teachers are professional, patient, kind, and genuinely care about my progress. Navigating between Fus-sha and Amiya is, of course, incredibly challenging, but with the online classes, daily homework, and support from the teachers I am slowly finding my way. Highly, highly recommended.

Mark James, student at Hona Al-Quds


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